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Above is my 50 MHz thru 24 GHz H-Frame Assembly.  Below is My 144 MHz EME Array.

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EME (moonbounce)

W3SZ 10 GHz EME Page

W3SZ Az over El Page

Mt. Airy VHF Radio Club (Pack Rats) - related

NEWSGroup 2017 Conference Talks & Papers

C Sharp-based Multi-SDR Controller

Aircraft Scatter

START HERE===> See my DSP Page [started in 2001] with links to more DSP information on this website and elsewhere

Miscellaneous Hardware Projects at W3SZ

Homebrew Reflow Oven

Remote Multi-SDR Controller [OS X]

Brooks Shera's Incredible GPS-Based Frequency Standard  

Hear W3SZ (me) in EME (moonbounce) qso with VE7BQH, as heard in Sweden by SM7SJR
(warning: this is a long file, about 1.5 MB)

Rodents and the FT-1000 MP Mark V

Using The Time Machine and Linrad in the 2002 ARRL Frequency Measuring Test

WSJTX on Beaglebone Black (Outdated Webpage)

Transceiver Receive Mode Specifications

Hepburn Tropospheric Ducting Forecast Page

AMSAT, The Amateur Satellite Corporation

W3SZ Soundcard Database

The American Radio Relay League

Jeffrey Pawlan’s excellent slides on High Performance Microwave Horns, Waveguide, and Transitions


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